When Pete and I came up with BarkGrr in April 2019, we were wishing for more compatibility and convenience in our lives with our dogs.

We wanted to be able to date someone who got along with our dogs but also find friends just to play with them. We thought, “what if you could BARK for friends and GRR for dates!”

If we had to go on a work trip, we suddenly found ourselves short on available dog friends that we trusted. One time I even went on a weekend-long working interview up the coast of California and had to bring my dog because I couldn’t find anybody to watch her. I thought to myself on the drive back, “if I had an app like BarkGrr to be able to find a new dog friend in a new city, my dog could have stayed and played with a new friend for the day!”

Before long, Peter and I began participating in rescue dog and adoption events in Los Angeles and Orange County to learn more about the world of dogs and how we might be able to help. We were shocked to learn that California had just euthanized the most shelter dogs in America. By June 2019, we were fully committed to building BarkGrr into a one-stop-shop for dog owners that could help lower the number of dogs kept in shelters by matching them with compatible and experienced dog owners.

Peter and I adore dogs and have had a pupsolutely incredible experience building BarkGrr so far. The love and joy we have shared with everyone in the dog world has made us truly believe that with the power of technology together with our dogs, The Pawsibilities Are Fenceless!

After a year of hard work, we would like to invite you into a world of dogs united All Under One Woof. We will be picking from our waitlist to send exclusive invites to test the BarkGrr app! Pupscribe for a chance to help us build the most convenient app for dog owners.

Together with our dogs, the pawsibilities are fenceless! 🐾

Alex and Winter

Alex & Winter

Pete and Pico

Pete & Pico